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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  April 29, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. man and wife -- the world's most famous newlyweds' take their moment in history. it is a wedding the whole world stopped to watch. an estimated two billion people saw kate middleton walked down the aisle from come under to royalty. courtney robinson has more.
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>> as the bride and groom readied for the day nearly 2000 wedding guests including heads of state, celebrities family, and old friends filed into westminster abbey. british prime minister david cameron was the last two or write. >> like anyone was lived in britain, you feel an attachment to this event. >> her royal highness, kathy -- kate middleton emerged from a 1950's rolls royce with her father by her side. she looked exquisite, draped in a lace and a diamond tiara. after a four-minute walk down the aisle kate middleton finally met her prince sheik two, taking his breath away as he told her she looked beautiful. >> to lead the law but, we are gathered -- dearly beloved, we
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are gathered here. >> it is a moment the couple and the world will not forget. >> will you have this woman? >> i do. >> and the official seal -- >> i polished -- i announced the the man and wife together. >> this is not the end but the beginning of the life many will continue to watch. from now on, the royal, but -- koppel will be known as the two can not just of cambridge. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. the streets of london were not the only ones packed with wedding-watchers. people crowded into times square to watch the ceremony. an estimated two billion people from all around the world were
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expected to be watching. the wedding fever is going strong in our region. jummy olabanji continues our coverage live from the ritz carlton in georgetown. good afternoon the crowd that a watchdog wedding was -- that watched the wedding was pumped up. everyone i spoke with said they wanted to both watch and celebrate this royal occasion, even if they were not in london. >> the wedding was phenomenal. >> more than two hundred 50 people packed the ritz carlton in northwest washington to see william and kathryn say i do. nobody seemed to mind that it started at 5:00 in the morning. >> this is something very historic and romantic, and filled with pageantry.
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i think people are naturally attracted to that. >> the wedding watch party was complete with food, tea kate, and even designer diamonds and dresses, but the dress of the day was the one worn by the new duchess of cambridge. >> the list looked stunning. i love to a long sleeves. more important than anything, she looked natural and excited to be there. >> the big day brought out man's best friend. >> we are excited about the wedding, and i think he has a crush on kate middleton. look at him. >> jason was just one of a few men in the room, but he said it did not mind. >> i'm actually getting married this july, and i do not think my wedding will be this nice. this is more my. >> now he will not be able to share his wedding day with the royal copley -- couple, but are
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one who shot dead a royal gift and there was a prize given out -- by a royal gift and there was a prize given out jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> jason has a crown to wear. the day's celebration is not over. about six and 50 guests have brought up a lunchtime recession that bucking house -- buckingham palace. tonight, the queen and others will clear up to make for a far less formal dance party. after that, the best man has planned a breakfast for those who have the stamina to go dancing all night long. some local royal wedding fans took advantage of a unique opportunity. the tire and auto repair shop in chantilly opened at 3:00 a.m.
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this morning while mechanics changed oil and perform emission inspections what customers watched the wedding and enjoyed a spot of tea. >> a little fun with the royal wedding, bringing customers in, watching it, and get friday morning kicked off with a little bit of fun to read >> i thought it was a great idea to offer the opportunity to watch the wedding and get your car repaired. i wanted to come and support it. >> if you would not pare those things together, but it looks like it worked. the shop owner used the events to attract owners who rachel it reached recently purchased coupons. the day's event is not over for the royal couple. they have 650 guests were of wrap up that lunchtime reception, and then the party will begin. billions of people have been watching the festivities. royal watchers were paying plenty of attention to the wedding dress, and the guests
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received almost as much notice. cynne simpson is in london appeared >> as with any wedding it is the bride's dress that steals the show, and in this case, who made the dress was a state secret. her royal highness when -- war and i've read down -- war and high of rebound. royal watchers called it reminiscent of grace kelly's wedding dress. the tierra served as something borrowed, amman from queen elizabeth. -- on loan from queen elizabeth. her diamond earrings were a gift from her parents. her prince william where the tunic of the irish guard sending a strong signal of support for armed forces. before the wedding began, a fashion show marched into
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westminster abbey. among the famous faces were david and victoria beckam. her maid of honor was in a saxon, ivory gowne. guests brought big-name designers from form-fitting dresses, to stiletto heels. it was a fashion show without which no royal wedding would be complete. right now, a lot of the excitement surrounds the reception. there are a few clouds still here -- crowds still here, but a lot of people have dispersed. what remains is the clean-up efforts. cynne simpson, abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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you have been such a bright spot for all of our news programs this week. our wedding coverage will continue throughout the day. we will be joined again live at 5:00 and 11:00. for all of the news, log onto we are turning to breaking news in the tragedy unfolding in the south. after one of the worst tornado outbreaks the u.s. has ever seen right now the commander and chief is getting his first glimpse of the destruction. brianne carter is live in our satellite center following this for us. >> the president is getting a firsthand look at the damage. he landed in alabama and is now getting into some of the hardest-hit areas talking to survivors, saying he is never seen devastation like this, and we will make sure you are not forgotten. these tornadoes are now being called one of the deadliest outbreaks in u.s. history.
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across more than one dozen states, from mississippi, to virginia images like this are now all too familiar after at least 150 tornadoes touched down leaving behind overwhelming demonstration. >> i thought we were going to die. >> the death toll is reaching 300. this video from tuscaloosa shows the widespread damage. residents returned to find homes reduced to rubble. >> this is devastating. i do not know how to do this. high to not have anything. this is all i got. >> the severe storm caused the university of alabama to cancel finals and postpone graduation. president obama and the first lady left the white house to visit the storm-ravaged state.
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>> people's lives have been turned upside down. >> officials are combing the area and rescue dogs are expected. millions are trying to pick up the pieces. >> just when you have seen the worst of the wars, you run across another situation that makes you wonder if it can get any worse? >> crews are coming in from other states, try to help to get the power pack on for the millions that remain in the dark and many are not with the -- are without the most basic necessities. the national weather service said the tornado that hit the northeast mississippi section had two hundred 5 miles per hour winds. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> amazing. we will hear from the president later today. we have new video of a mass
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of horse rescue we flew over the same as numerous agencies converged on canterbury farms. officials found more than 150 mile nourished and neglected horses. care could cost more than $1 million over the next six months. coming up on abc 7 news, getting every detail perfect -- the hats, the guests, the crowd -- abc will take you inside the royal wedding. i am live at the kennedy space senator with the latest on the scheduled launch for the shuttle fleet the next to last
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it is the final countdown to a historic and death. cape canaveral the second to last shuttle mission gets ready to blast into space. hundreds are there, and our own scott thuman joins us from kennedy space center. are we expecting this to happen on time? >> we are finding out about more possible snags. look at the countdown clock. it is a bit deceiving because there is a planned hold. the clock will freeze. we have more than that to go. the astronauts are just about to board the shuttle as they begin preparation. i want to show you video from last night. the weather has been a big
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issue. last night we had all lot of lightning. that has moved through the area. all of the specialists are watching the forecast. there is still a 70% chance to go, but there are clouds that have to be gone. you mentioned the big question everyone asks -- is it still a go? we received a alert that engineers are looking for heaters that could be enough of a problem. we did not know how serious the issue is. that just came out. on a good note, as the astronauts hope everything goes well it has been interesting. we are seeing a lot of tweeting and one of them said earlier "deere god, thank you for my
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beautiful wife and awesome kids, for a chance to fly into space again. please to not let me mess it up ." that is what all of the astronauts say. you just say i hope i do not mess this up. >> i am sure. quickly, i know the president and the first family will be there as well as congresswoman gabrielle giffords. is there any idea if they will be together or where they will be? >> the white house is not commenting on whether the president will meet with representative gabrielle giffords. we know he will tour the facility off to the right where they house the shuttles. they will get a nice, a close look, and they will sit with the director of nasa to watch the launch. very quiet on the details regarding gabrielle giffords," visit. -- giffords' visit.
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>> thank you. adam caskey is here to talk about our weather situation which is better than yesterday. >> it is. i can relate. please to not let me screw up this forecast. it is not quite at the astor not level. >> yes. really. >> as she confirms. take a look at our crescent moon. you can see the beginning of this time lapse. the sunshine replaces the moan. all we can see as the sunlight. you see clouds developing. we have scattered patchy clouds across the region that we will see thicken up as we go into the mid-to-late afternoon. we cannot rule out a sprinkle. look at the temperatures. 69 in the district.
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59 in hagerstown. cumberland is a 56. it is a gusty. you noticed the wind, but it will diminish later tonight and into tomorrow morning. it is only five-to-10 miles per hour tomorrow. it will be a cold start down in the 40's. there is the energy overhead. we cannot rule out an isolated, little sprinkle, especially west and northwest of the metro area. notice the clear skies to the west. that is associated to the high pressure system. that will cause total sunshine, pretty much. a perfect saturday afternoon. near 70 this afternoon. clearing skies tonight. clear to start the day tomorrow. when will be in the 40's.
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near 70 in the afternoon. perfect, spring-like, great late-april.
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welcome back. in the last in minutes because breaking news about the space shuttle launch at cape canaveral. we want to get right back to scott thuman with the latest. >> everything moves quickly. we just gave you the update that things were still 70%. we just got news the launch has been scrubbed for at least another 42 hours.
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it sits waiting for takeoff but that is not going to happen. our understanding is engineers were concerned about a mechanical problem with something called the auxiliary power unit. there were two heaters not functioning properly. that is an issue. when you travel into space the conditions can be 250 below or above. they need -- had concerns. we will have to wait until we get some confirmation on what that means the next steps will be. it comes at a difficult time. the astronauts had just finished sitting up. they were supposed to board at 12:47. we will have more throughout the day.
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their sights -- the hunt for the perfect dress at the best price. it began with the traditional running of the bride's at filene's basement. the event continues until 9:00 tonight. >> i covered that one year. we were doing the weather outside. that was crazy. they aren't tailgating. >> you cannot come between a woman and a deal. >> all, no. as we go through the weekend, it will be comfortable with temperatures in the 70's 4 highs. maybe a brief shower late on sunday, and into monday. that looks like the next chance for rain. temperatures will cool. it will be spring-like, and below average. >> thank you
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